Wednesday, March 17, 2010

McCulloch 30cc 2-Cycle 180 MPH Gas Powered Backpack Blower (CARB Compliant) #ASB3206-CA

Buy Cheap McCulloch 30cc 2-Cycle 180 MPH Gas Powered Backpack Blower (CARB Compliant) #ASB3206-CA

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Technical Details

- 30cc 2-Cycle Gas Engine
- 180 MPH Air Speed
- Padded Shoulder Straps
- Variable Speed
- CARB Compliant
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 " for" 2010-01-22
By R. joyce
You get what you pay for. This blower got a heck of a workout the first month I used it.with leaves up to my knees I used this blower many hours.after having back surgery one year ago. This backpack made it easy work.the price was right,that was the only reason I ordered this item. And I'm so glad I did. The last leaf blower I had lasted me ten years and I hope this one does the same. L0L

Customer Buzz
 "Piece of JUNK!!" 2009-11-22
By Outdoor enthusiast (Monroe, CT)
I purchased this item after researching. After assembly, I used this blower 2 times (2 hours total usage) when the blower suddenly stopped running. After numerous attempts, I relented and took to my local repair shop. They called and said the motor seized and was history. I am very familiar with 2 cycle engines and took proper care on the fuel mixture, matter of fact I used the sample oil fuel mix to 1 gallon of gas that was provided in the original package.

Needless to say, there is no local repair shop. I called the contact number provided for the authorized service address, no answer. I hope to eventually get in touch with a factory rep for a discussion.

My local repair shop gave me some good advice. Never buy a piece of equipment that is yellow! Red or orange are very dependable. I purchased a Stihl, and am very happy with the performance.

Hope this helps and saves you some $$.

Customer Buzz
 "broke before I used it" 2009-11-16
By Jeremy P. Pagewood (Hernando, Florida)
I ordered this product at the start of "leaf season" in Michigan. It arrived in short order and was fully assembled. The first time I wanted to use it when I went to set the throttle to start it the throttle moved freely and could not be set. I took it apart and found that the metal clip that controls it was broken. Since I could not return it to Amazon I called customer service for McCulloch. I live in a metropolitin area but the closest authorized dealer was in a small town 50 miles away. I have take it there for repair under the warrenty where it still sits. I borrowed a friend's blower to get my leaves done as it appears the snow will be flying before I get it back. I would not recommend this product. It never worked and I will have to have driven 200 miles to get it fixed - if they ever fix it.

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Buy McCulloch 30cc 2-Cycle 180 MPH Gas Powered Backpack Blower (CARB Compliant) #ASB3206-CA Now

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Husqvarna 150BT Factory Reconditioned 50CC Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

Buy Cheap Husqvarna 150BT Factory Reconditioned 50CC Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

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The Husqvarna 150BT is a commercial blower in the popular 50 cc mid-size range 150BT featuring a new, powerful X-TORQ engine including E-TECH II emission control. The harness and controls are ergonomically designed for high capacity and ease of use. Padded harness -Comfortable padded harness with load-reducing hipbelt. Ergonomic handle- The handle can be angled and has rubber inserts for a stable, comfortable grip. High blowing capacity- The powerful and easy to start X-TORQ engine in combination with effective fan design delivers high air speed and high air flow. Easy starting- Air purge designed for very easy starting Adjustable handle Throttle lock Engine specification Cylinder displacement 3.1 cu.inch / 50.2 cm³ Power 2.1 hp / 1.6 kW Cylinder bore 1.7" / 44 mm Maximum power speed 7500 rpm Maximum recommended engine speed 6000 rpm Type of carburator Rotary valve Air speed 180 mph / 80 m/s Air flow in housing 19.6 m³/min / 692 cfm Air flow in pipe 14 m³/min / 494 cfm Equipment Fuel tank volume 2.64 US pint / 1.25l Vibrations idling right handle min/max 2.9 m/s² / 2.9 m/s² Vibrations top speed right handle min/max 2.1 m/s² / 2.1 m/s² Sound level, min/max 94 dB(A) / 94 dB(A) Sound level at 15 m (ANSI B 175.2) 71 dB(A) Noise emission, LWA 104 dB(A) Overall dimensions Weight 22.5 lbs / 10.2 kg

Technical Details

- The Husqvarna 150BT is a commercial blower in the popular 50 cc mid-size range
- 150BT featuring a new, powerful X-TORQ engine including E-TECH II emission control
- The harness and controls are ergonomically designed for high capacity and ease of use
- Air speed 180 mph / 80 m/s
- Maximum power speed 7500 rpm Maximum recommended engine speed 6000 rpm
See more technical details

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Buy Husqvarna 150BT Factory Reconditioned 50CC Gas Backpack Leaf Blower Now

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Troy-Bilt TB310QS Mulchinator 31cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 165 MPH Blower/Vacuum

Buy Cheap Troy-Bilt TB310QS Mulchinator 31cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 165 MPH Blower/Vacuum

Buy Low Price From Here Now

Blowers clean up leaves quickly and easily, or use them year-round for all-purpose clean up of dust, debris and dirt on deck, etc. The QuickShift enables it to switch from blower to vacuum with a flip of a lever! High performance with commercial-grade engine for extended life. Blower/Vacs have high-impact impellers that automatically mulch debris. 3/4-bushel bag capacity with zipper for easy use. Bag empties without removing it from the unit. Dual handle for left-or-right use. Lightweight, compact design for easy handling. Blower Type: Handheld Blower/Vac, Cylinder Displacement (cc): 31, Air Velocity (MPH): 147, Air Volume (CFM): 424, Tool Weight (lbs.): 19

Technical Details

- Gas-powered leaf blower/vacuum with 31-cubic centimeter engine
- Blows up to 165-miles-per-hour
- Easily switches from blower to vacuum; mulches leaves at a 10- to 1-reduction ratio
- Easy-start engine has spring-assist system
- Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Sweet gum balls 1, Troy-Built vac 0" 2010-03-08
By Forrest B. Stutts (Rock Hill, SC USA)
This may be OK for blowing a few leaves from a small urban patio. But it is no match for a real suburban yard. I had big hopes for it. But the first time it picked up a sweet gum ball it choked. On dissembling the unit I found the leading edge of every one of the cheap plastic impeller blades was chewed up. It lasted all of 5 Minutes. It will now be relegated to blowing the leaves (and sweet gum balls) off of the porch. A job that was easily handled by my $5 broom.

It is a toy and not made for real yard work.

Customer Buzz
 "Not holding up after a few years" 2009-10-29
By Scott E. Packard (Alhambra, CA United States)
The best feature on this model is the very quick change from blow to vac. Just a flip of a beaver-tail flap and it switches. That is great!

The balance with the two handles is nice. I've never burned my hands on any hot engine parts.

The bad news is the unit is not holding up over time. I'm on my second bag (the zipper loses teeth, jams). The easy-start assist has been leaving the cord half-rewound and tonight I barely had enough cord rewound to start it.

We had bad Santa Ana winds yesterday so I needed to sweep the driveway and concrete back yard. I vacuumed about 3 bags of waste. The thing piddled oil on my pants (maybe it's leaking from a fuel hose? Definitely not from overfilling or from spilling fuel when filling the tank.) I'd say it has about 25 hours of use. I pulled the muffler off once to decarbon it. There wasn't much carbon, and the bolts that hold it to the block aren't meant to be removed ever, so they took a lot of aluminum engine block with them when I removed them.

If you're curious how it compares to a 12amp electric, this unit sucks and blows more, and of course it is heavier. But, a 100' 12-gauge electric cord is a pain to roll out and roll up for every use, and mine used to get a lot of pine tree sap on it that I had to use expensive brake parts cleaner on to remove. The final 10 feet would get very dirty too.

It has either a plastic or composite impeller. I haven't had any problems with the impeller, and I pick up pine cones, pine needles, and magnolia leaves with it. I've only had to take it apart once to clear a clog.

The engine speed is basically idle, medium, and full. Takes about 60 seconds before I can run it at full speed without any choke.

Customer Buzz
 "Lasted three Years" 2009-07-09
By Tn Vol (Tennessee)
I purchased a Troy-Bilt TB320BV blower / vacuum in June of 2006 and am disposing of it in July 2009. It has always been difficult to start, but now it will not start at all - it seems to have lost compression based on how easy it is to pull the starter cord. Troy-Bilt oill was always used in the specified ratio. The unit was used perhaps 45 times to blow grass clipping off walks. The vacuum function worked but was not very practical due to the small bag size. Had to use a small bungee to keep the vibration from closing the speed control. Biggest complaint was the hard starting. I am a mechanical engineer and most all of my equipment works well and lasts for years. I goofed when I bought this one.

Customer Buzz
 "Warren, Ohio" 2009-06-29
By George Beharry (Warren, Ohio)
I love it. It's a little heavy but its great for cleaning everything. It converts to a blower and back in less than a second.

Customer Buzz
 "Pleased with the product" 2009-02-20
By B. Alldredge (Nashville, TN)
I really like this blower, very reliable so far. The only negative is that I was hoping the bag was a little bigger as big loads of leaves will require a lot of dumping. Works great for getting leaves out of tight places without blowing them everywhere.

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Buy Troy-Bilt TB310QS Mulchinator 31cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 165 MPH Blower/Vacuum Now

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Toro 29210 43-Gallon Gardening Spring Bucket

Buy Cheap Toro 29210 43-Gallon Gardening Spring Bucket

Buy Low Price From Here Now

*43 gallon
*22" dia. x 26" high
*Collapses to 3" high
*Great for grass, weeds,
plant material, etc.
*Lightweight, heavy-duty
*Made from tear and mildew
resistant, UV treated mesh
supported plastic canvas
*Extra strong sleeved spring
for secure standing
*Four cushioned handles
*Perforated base for drainage
and air flow

Technical Details

- 43-gallon collapsible spring bucket ideal for garden debris
- Extra strong sleeved spring for secure upright standing
- Mildew resistant and UV treated mesh supported plastic canvas
- 4 cushioned handles for easier dumping of contents
- 43-gallon capacity; collapses to 3 inches for easy storage
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "toro spring bucket" 2010-02-10
By Donna J. Brink (Harrisburg, PA)
Absolutely love this product. Spring form stays in place for what ever you may be using for..leaves outside, gathering garbage after first putting waste liner inside spring form. Durable, cost effective compared to other products, a name you can depend on. I would recommend this product.

Customer Buzz
 "A godsend in the garden" 2010-01-10
By Stew D'Amato (Southport, NC USA)
I recently bought the Toro blower to chase the fall leaves from one end of the yard to the other. Once corralled, I then started scooping them into a trash bag which seemed to cave in on me just as I released the leaves. This spring bucket has relieved (bad pun) this headache holding a 45 gallon bag open easily to load up with debris. Once done, the bucket "squishes" down and latches to just about 3 inches thick for storage in the garage. It's robust, easy to handle and I recommend it for anyone who has to tackle yardwork.

Customer Buzz
 "hose pops out,thing tips over" 2009-12-22
By W. hoffner
hose pops out,the thing tips over.I had to use a giant hose clamp to hold it on then the bag finaly blew off the tub.

Customer Buzz
 "Good size and sturdy" 2009-12-06
By S. Harrison
I purchased this bucket after looking for a large sturdy container to move yard waste. It's made solidly and works well. The price was reasonable. The straps to close it up could close tighter so it would take up less space when stored. It also has drain holes in the bottom, which can be good or bad. Good for letting moisture out. Bad if you are carrying this bucket inside your vehicle and don't want to make a mess.

Customer Buzz
 "Toro" 2009-12-05
By M. Moore (Georgia)
Very disappointed in this Bucket, it doesn't accept the refuse bags. I have a stantard 30Gal garbage can that works better with the bags. You dont need this if you have to vacuum the leaves into the container and then try to get into your refuse bags. What a pain in the bag!

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Buy Toro 29210 43-Gallon Gardening Spring Bucket Now

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Toro Rake & Vac 10.5 Amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum #51574

Buy Cheap Toro Rake & Vac 10.5 Amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum #51574

Buy Low Price From Here Now


Technical Details

- Tecumseh LV 195 engine
- Requires no tools to change from one mode to another
- 2-speed air control
- Up to 215 mph air speed
- Powerful 10.5 amp motor
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "good product IF you're not too fussy" 2009-10-19
By feedthecat (Toronto, Canada)
This product is, on the whole, decent enough IF your expectations aren't too high. I say this because, with only an 8:1 mulch ratio, the 51574 doesn't really shred (vacuumed) leaves very much, nor does it mulch the leaves into a consistent size (i.e. some are barely touched and some are shredded quite a bit), so, if you want to use the mulch for composting, etc, you either can't be too fussy about this inconsistency or be patient enuf to mulch it again. Also, because this product comes with a plastic - rather than a metal - impeller, it isn't able to shred twigs more than a 1/16" - in fact, if you accidentally vacuum a lot of them, they'll clog the impeller. And, even if you were to replace the plastic impeller with a metal one, there would still be the problem of the 51574's relatively poor suction.

Basically, this machine is a good blower (at 200 MPH, it's ability to move leaves, twigs, loose dirt, and even small pebbles is more than adequete) and does an adequete job of vacuuming leaves IF you've already blown/raked them into loose piles and separated them from twigs and litter. Of course, it also comes in handy long before the leaves start falling: I use it to blow/vacuum the grass that's found it's way onto the driveway and my back patio after I've cut the lawn. And, as a Toro product, chances are that it'll be reliable and durable.

Oh, and a couple of pieces of advice: don't try to vac wet leaves (they'll clog up the impeller) and don't use the vac to suck leaves that are on top of sandy, dry soil (lest you want to look like Pigpen).

Customer Buzz
 "Best Customer Service experience ever!!" 2009-09-17
By Tamborero (San Francisco,California, USA)
I agree, This is the best electric blower in the market.

Mine, for some reason was defective,one day just stopped working.

Called Toro Customer Service, very nice people on the phone, even though I tried to explain the problem, no questions asked, they told me to send it back.

One week later the new blower was here. This one works perfectly.

I cannot remember a customer service experience as smooth and quick as this one.

Very nice job Toro, Thank You.

Customer Buzz
 "It Blows & Sucks!" 2009-09-11
By Jeff (Sonova Beach, FL)
What we have here is a basic blower/vacuum. At 210pmh it will blow everything off your driveway, sidewalk, roof, and neighbors cat.

It's all plastic but very well built and sturdy. The bag and sucker attachment is a bit unwieldy but it does get the job done. Toro built in safety sensors so the unit will not work unless properly assembled.

For homeowner's this unit is perfect especially at this price.

Customer Buzz
 "Great Item!" 2009-06-08
By DJC (Blair, NE USA)
This Blower/Rake and Vac works great. I love it, it made my fall cleanup a breeze. It is sturdy and easy to handle. It takes the work out of fall cleanup. Also it works great in the spring to take care of garden messes. I also used it to clean out the gutters.

Customer Buzz
 "Power blower" 2009-02-28
By W. Wong
It is very powerful.

At top speed, it blow things everywhere!

The Vaccuum function is good, but sometimes big leaves get stuck inside the tube.

Images Product

Buy Toro Rake & Vac 10.5 Amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum #51574 Now

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Electric Hand Held Blower/ Vacuum

Buy Cheap Electric Hand Held Blower/ Vacuum

Buy Low Price From Here Now

UPC: 794685286209

The unit is used for cleaning or cold shouldeirng machines and instruments of various industries.

No operator fatigue from long use because its' small in size and light in weight. Powerful motor produces great wind pressure and volume to double work efficiency. Double Insulated for added safety and convenience.


* Rated Voltage: 110v
* Rated Frequency: 60HZ
* 3.5 Amp No-Load
* Motor Power: 380 Watts
* Wind Volume: 13000 RPM
* Dust Collector Bag
* Dust Vacuum Facility
* Instruction Manual Enclosed

Technical Details

- Perfect for taxidermists
- Lightweight (3 pounds)
- Amazing power
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Great for Auto Detailing!" 2005-12-29
By Kenneth E. Gonzalez (Orlando, FL USA)
I have used this same blower for 2 years now and it's still running strong. I am a professional Showroom Auto Detailer and there is nothing better than this little blower to blast water out of grills, rims, tires, bumbers, trim, etc. after the vehicle is washed. After I blast the water from these hard to reach places the vehicle is then ready for a quick towel drying with only a single towel! Then on with the claying and or polishing and wax. A great investment that gives the most bang for the buck.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Weed Eater FL1500LE 23cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 150 MPH Blower (Non-CARB Compliant)

Buy Cheap Weed Eater FL1500LE 23cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 150 MPH Blower (Non-CARB Compliant)

Buy Low Price From Here Now

At only 7.5 pounds the Weed Eater 23 cc gas blower is powerful enough to do all the clean-up around the yard, while remaining featherlite and easy to handle. Great to use around the pool and to clean-up after mowing the grass, or use the powerful blower to push leaves to a yard tarp. The blower delivers and air speed of 150 mph as well as 300 cfm volume of air movement. Other features include a 2-speed control, low-emission 2-cycle engine, and a reduced vibration handle. This gas blower is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Technical Details

- 23 cc gas blower is a powerful blower designed to help with yard clean up
- Air speed of 150 MPH; air displacement of 300 CFM
- Feather-lite at only 7.5 pounds
- Low-emission 2-cycle engine
- 2-year limited warranty
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Chinese Quality" 2009-10-18
By Demolition Man (Kentwood MI)
Very interesting, the warranty is 2 years, mine lasted 19 months. Even if you buy repair parts and fix it yourself you're splitting hairs on being cost affective.

Like most posters, I had problems from day one in the recoil starter. You have a 50/50 chance of it coming back LIKE IT SHOULD!!!

A low price is not a cost savings if the product never works good. Spend some extra money and avoid this product!

Customer Buzz
 "Second one died, too" 2009-09-12
By S. Carpenter (Georgia)
I believe in second chances, but this one didn't deserve it. Just like it's predecessor, the pull cord has seized and the machine is not worth the repair bill even though it's only about a year old.

Customer Buzz
 "Resurrected from a landfill; works GREAT!" 2009-05-12
By Tom T (Crystal Coast of NC USA)
Without doubt, this is the most bizarre review I've ever written on any product because not only did I not purchase this leaf blower from Amazon -- I picked it up for free at the local landfill. Here's the story:

A couple years ago I purchased a Poulan Pro BVM200LE and it ran perfectly until it's untimely death after what I consider to be moderate use. (Click above on the "See all my reviews" link and scroll down to my Poulan Pro review titled "Worked GREAT until it DIED.") I decided not to replace my dead Poulan with another Poulan, so thus began my search for the "perfect" leaf blower.

After reading various reviews here, on other sites, and in some consumer magazines, I narrowed my choices to a couple of brands in the $165-200 range. I almost pulled the trigger on a purchase, but first I had to haul out a load of trash to the local landfill before closing time. That's where I spotted what appeared to be a leaf blower among other discarded items.

The landfill regs clearly state "No Scavenging" but when the site manager looked away I made a quick dash, and dug out a Weed Eater FL1500LE leaf blower. Water was running out of the tube as I carried it to the van, so I wasn't too hopeful it would work. A closer look revealed a lot of corrosion on the few visible metal parts, so that told me my "prize" had probably been left outdoors for some time.

After I got home and had some time to play with this thing, I gave it a once-over visual check. The exterior seemed to be okay -- no parts missing and no cracks in the plastic. There was even some gas in the tank. It took some effort to pull the cord even half-way, but then it wouldn't retract. I had to hit the plastic casing a few times to get the cord to retract. I tinkered with it a few more times, and finally got it to work more or less okay.

Now it was time for the real test. I primed the bulb, set the choke & throttle, then pulled. It gave indications of wanting to live again. On the next pull, it started! So, I immediately went to work blowing off the driveway until the gas in the tank was gone. I put in fresh gas (mixture, of course) and continued blowing the driveway, shrub beds, etc. etc for at least a half-hour or more. It ran just fine. For the past several weeks, it continues to start and run just fine.

Here is how this model Weed Eater compares with my Poulan Pro while it still worked:

Flimsy construction. Comments here about the handle are accurate. It's a plastic handle bolted to the plastic housing and it feels like it'll break off at any time. The Poulan has a sturdy, rock-solid feel.

Harder to pull start. Both the Weed Eater & Poulan start on either the first or second pull, but the Weed Eater takes more effort to pull. (Higher compression ratio maybe?) I could place the bottom edge of the Poulan on my knee and easily pull the cord to start it. Can't do that with this Weed Eater. It has to be held firmly on the ground with one hand on the handle, then pull the cord hard with the other hand. My wife could easily start the Poulan; it's very difficult for her to pull the Weed Eater cord.

The Weed Eater is a lot louder than the Poulan. If you value your hearing, wear good ear plugs if you purchase/use this Weed Eater.

Blowing power is about the same. This Weed Eater is rated to be 150 mph; the Poulan is rated at 205 mph. Frankly, I can't tell the difference. Now, I only use a leaf blower on hard surfaces: the driveway, sidewalk, shrub beds that have decorative rock on top, the roof and gutters. For this type of use, this Weed Eater has plenty of wind power. I don't blow leaves across the lawn -- raking is faster. My guess is that the Poulan would do better than the Weed Eater blowing leaves off a lawn.

The Weed Eater has considerably more vibration than the Poulan when running at mid- to high speed.

Since I have no idea how this Weed Eater FL1500LE ran when new, or why the previous owner tossed it in a landfill, the above comparisons may not be valid. However, considering I paid nothing for it, and it runs just fine even after apparently being left outdoors for some amount of time, then tossed on the junk heap, I think 4 stars is fair rating.

If this one lasts for a couple of seasons, I might even consider buying a Weed Eater leaf blower.

Customer Buzz
 "Weedeater Featherlite is too quality to purchase - don't do it!" 2009-03-30
By Mike Karnes
I only use this blower a few minutes a week, and within the first season of use the engine would sputter and die. It would do this at random and not restart until it completely cooled-off. Now the pull cord will not retract, so there is no way to start it. It's junk!

Customer Buzz
 "Don't buy this item!" 2009-02-22
By Marcus R. Aguirre
I bought this because I have pine needles that cover my driveway on a weekly basis. It worked fine for the first 4 months. The pull cord got stuck and would not retrack itself. I called Amazon and they told me they only cover the first 2 months? So I had to call the manufacture. The manufacture is only open M-F. Once I contacted them, they recommended a place to take it to. This place kept it for 3 weeks! It worked fine for about a month or so then the same thing happend. So unless you want to keep calling the manufacture and taking it in every 2 months save your money use a broom.

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Buy Weed Eater FL1500LE 23cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 150 MPH Blower (Non-CARB Compliant) Now

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Black & Decker NS118 18-Volt Cordless Electric Broom Hard Surface Sweeper

Buy Cheap Black & Decker NS118 18-Volt Cordless Electric Broom Hard Surface Sweeper

Buy Low Price From Here Now

The Black & Decker 18 Volt Cordless Broom Hard Surface Sweeper makes it convenient to keep your grounds free of debris. Leaves and debris are swept away by up to 120 mph air speeds, and the cordless, lightweight design makes it easy to handle and control. The rechargeable battery releases easily and stores in the included charger, so it's ready to work when you are.

A lightweight, cordless design makes this hard surface sweeper easy for anyone to handle. View larger.
Rechargeable Power Cuts the Cords
An included 18-volt rechargeable battery delivers enough power to clear garages, walkways, and decks of any loose debris. Since there are no cords to worry about, you're free to reach the remote corners of your property without needing to search for an available outlet. The battery stows in the charger and is fully charged in eight hours. You can also swap the battery among your other Black & Decker cordless lawn tools.

Less Noise and No Emissions
Black & Decker designed this sweeper to dramatically cut back on noise levels common in many other sweepers or blowers. Less noise helps protect your hearing and makes using the sweeper a much more pleasant experience, for you and your neighbors. There's no messy up-keep found with blowers that use gas and oil, and zero emissions to harm the environment.

Light Weight for Easy Use
At less than five pounds, the cordless broom is light enough for almost any user. Its light weight makes it easier to control where debris goes. The tool also features a large single on/off switch makes operation simple.

The Black & Decker 18 Volt Cordless Broom Hard Surface Sweeper is covered by a two-year warranty.

What's in the Box
NCS118 Black & Decker 18 Volt Cordless Broom Hard Surface Sweeper, straight tube, 18-volt battery charger, 18-volt battery pack #244760-00

The NS118 makes it simple to keep garages, walkways, patios, decks, and other hard surfaces clean and clear.


Technical Details

- Cordless broom with lightweight, ergonomically designed frame
- Rechargeable 18-volt NiCd battery holds its charge for extended run time
- Battery charger is wall-mounted for convenient storage
- Includes sweeper, straight tube, 18-Volt battery and battery charger
- Not recommended for use in the grass or flower beds
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "A little gutless, but handy for a quick sweep" 2010-01-25
By Scott A. Steiner (California, USA)
I bought this B&D because I grew tired of using my plug-in electric version. Let's face it, it's a drag to haul out a 60 foot extension cord just to sweep some dust and leaves off the patio. I also own a gas-powered version, but it's the same deal with that - I save it for the truly big jobs.

So, this battery powered sweeper is a good buy - but the buyer should be aware that he is not getting something you could do a Saturday's worth of yard work with. I also recommend having a spare battery always charged, as the thing just runs out of juice too fast.

I'm glad I bought it because I just keep it in my back yard and when I need to sweep away dirt/dust, it's handy enough for that. But don't bother using this for any real work.

Customer Buzz
 "Needs more oomph!" 2010-01-21
By Mark
I have used this blower 4 times and find it to be lacking in wind velocity to move light debri from the garage floor and outside deck. I expected it to be close to the power of my Toro plug in blower's lower speed but it is not. I can blow out the garage in less then 60 seconds with the electric blower but the cordless one takes several minutes and agravating effort when use to something better. I bought it for the convenience of not needing to plug in and wind up a cord. The description said it was not for leaves in the yard so I knew I would not use it for that purpose but I expected better on the garage and deck.Black & Decker NS118 18-Volt Cordless Electric Broom Hard Surface Sweeper

Customer Buzz
 "Perfect ltweight yard blower" 2010-01-17
By P. Begley (Orlando-DC)
I have purchased 4 of these for gifts the past few years. My only regret is Black and Decker stopped putting in two batteries and now there have just one.

This is an amazing tool. It is not intended for blowing leaves from a dozen oak trees etc, but if you have clipping from mowing, lots of walks, patios, pool areas etc, this is the perfect tool. If you have a large yard, pool etc., you may want to invest in a 2nd battery.

Customer Buzz
 "Short Battery Life . . . Shorter by the Day." 2010-01-12
By Garth
The blower works OK for very light duty stuff, but the durations get ever shorter and shorter. I've had mine for a few years now, and the only saving grace is it came with 2 batteries. I get about 5 minutes out of a charge now if I'm lucky.

So yes ..... this is more or less an adult toy .....weak and cheap. Replacement batteries are grossly overpriced considering the performance they offer. . . they should be about $10.

Customer Buzz
 "Good Blower but the battery is weak" 2010-01-09
By Consumer (Bay Area)
I purchased this leaf blower with 2 battery packs. I found it to have enough power to blow away debris, leaves, etc on my sidewalk, driveway etc.

my only complaint is the battery lasts about 10 minutes and can take hours even a full day to recharge. I have 2 batteries so in order to blow away debris, leaves I end up having to use both batteries....

switching to a gas blower

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